Traditional Roller Shadestraditional room darkening shade

Traditional Roller shades have been used for generations for light control, privacy and window insulation. We have a variety of window shade materials with both light filtering and room darkening properties. The majority of these shades come on the Rollease bead & clutch lift system as standard equipment. Style "Cotton Duck" however, is available only on spring rollers as they do not operate satisfactorily on bead & clutch.

Room Darkening Shade Fabrics

These fabrics block out the light completely. In order to acheive maximum blackout in a room they should be mounted outside (on the window frame or on the wall), shades mounted inside the window frame will always have some light leakage around the edges and work best with side panels or some other side treatment if room darkening is desired. Shades wider than the fabric width must be railroaded (length for width) and will be seamed with stitchlines which will leak pin holes of light.

Moire - Twelve ounce, four ply vinyl coated fiberglass with moire imprint. This fabric comes in three colors: white, champagne and oyster. The colors are the same front and back. Due to the pattern, shades made of this fabric are limited to 73 1/4" wide and cannot be railroaded.

Nolite Fiberglass - Twelve ounce, 4 ply vinyl coated fiberglass with a smooth finish, resists dirt and humidity. Flame resistant, meets Federal Spec CCC-C-521E. Colors are, white, cream, oyster, dark green and Smoke Blue. Darker colors are duplex (white on the back). Shades wider than 73 1/4" must be railroaded.

Boucle - Same characteristics as Dakota but with a boucle finish. Flame resistant, meets Federal Spec CCC-C-521E. Colors are the same back and front, white, champagne and oyster. Shades wider than 73 1/4" must be railroaded.


traditional shade light filtering These shades control light and UV rays, provide privacy and insulation without darkening the room.

Cotton Duck - untreated 100% cotton blend duck cloth, holds up to UV well, available only on spring rollers, maximum width 55 1/4"

Linen- 100% polyester, linen texture design, colors down and glacier, shades wider than 78" wide must be railroaded with a stitchline at approximately 75" from the bottom.

Tiffany - 100% cotton with vinyl sizing. These are your grandmother's shades! But still an excellent choice for providing privacy and light control on today's windows. Wide choice of colors: white, champagne, antique, ecru, dark green and black, shades wider than 73 1/4" must be railroad with stitchlines at approximately 68" from the bottom.