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Motorized Shades


Motorization, using Somfy motors and accessories is one of our most popular options.

For shades weighing up to fifteen pounds, the 12 volt Lithium battery operated motors from the Somfy LT30 RTS series, offer a flexible ,economical, and state of the art answer to shade motorization. The LT30 motors are compact, reside inside the 1 1/2 inch roller tube, and utilize a built -in radio receiver that eliminates the need for space consuming external receivers. They are compatible with Somfy's collection of RTS accessories that include: a hand held transmitter/remote that offers control of a single or multiple shades; wireless wall switches; wireless programmable timers, and home automation interfaces.

Heavier shades or those spanning greater widths require the high voltage LT50 RTS series, which require access to a standard power outlet for operation.These motors are normally used with a 2 inch roller tube but may be utilized with a 3inch tube for really wide applications. In some circumstances the motor can even be used to drive multiple shades at the same time. The LT50's are also compatible with Somfy's RTS accessories.


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