Outdoor and Indoor Porch Shades

porch shade 1 WCD's porch shades add the final touch to your sun porch or screened porch . They allow you to block out the glare and heat of the sun while letting the cool breeze through. Wood offers high insultating value which helps to keep your porch considerably cooler.

Made only of the finest sustainable North American Basswood they are easy to install and simple to operate. Our stains allow for year-round outdoor use as well as indoor applications to enhance the look of any porch or room in your home.Made with extra heavy twine and stainless stell hardware, you will enjoy these shades for many years to come.


Outdoor Shades

All outdoor shades are made with traditional roll up-cordlock system.

Standard or Custom Shades- The 7/8" square edge Basswood slats on these shades allows for adequate ventilation and still permit just a touch of sunlight. An optional valanace is available. 



Indoor Shades

Indoor shades can utilize both the Roman Shade style with a 4" valance or the traditional roll up style with an optional 4" valance.

All shades are made with 29 colors or stains, including unfisnihed natural. Stain colors may vary slightly due to the porosity of the wood at the time of manufacture. Wood and paint odors may be present but are generally temporary.