Shades and Valances Available

Fabric Laminated Shades (Fab Lam) - Customer's fabric is laminated to a white vinyl coated fiberglass, room darkening backing. Off-white backing is available upon request. Our process does not affect the appearance of the face of the fabric (no shiny plastic finish).

Wallpaper Laminated shades (Wal Lam) - Your wallpaper is laminated to a room darkening backing. Shade width is limited to 50 inches. All wallpaper shades must be reverse rolled.

Shade cloth shades -Select from a range of shade cloth styles, colors and textures.

Matching valances are available for all the above shades.

Types of Measurements and Terminology - Shade prices are based on tip-to-tip sizes. See below for explanation of the various types of measure.

Custom Shades: General Information

Lift Systems -the majority of our shades are mounted on the Rollease bead & clutch lift system. Spring rollers are available for smaller widths.

Mounting - Proper operation of roller shades depends on proper installation. Shades on bead & clutch should not be unrolled until they are placed in the brackets. Otherwise the stops will be in the incorrect position and the shade will not roll all the way up. Brackets must be mounted level (use one). If brackets are too close together they will bind on the shade fraying the edges. Never bend the brackets to compensate for incorrect placement. On inside mount shades measuring is critical, the factory allowance is -1/8". If your shade is too wide it can be cut down, if it is too narrow it can be shimmed by placing a thin piece of wood or cardboard under the bracket(s). Telescoping sometimes occurs because of irregularities in the fabric. To correct this problem the shade can be shimmed by placing a piece of masking tape or paper on the roller at the end Opposite the one telescoping.

Tension adjustment on spring rollers - Tension has been set at the factory, sometime it will release in shipping or with use. To restore tension: pull shade down to the fully closed position, remove from the brackets, roll up two or three turns, replace in brackets. If more tension is needed repeat the process. Do not over tighten. The shade will not operate properly with to little or too much tension. To release tension, roll the shade all the way to the top, remove it from the brackets, unroll two or three turns, replace in brackets. Repeat if necessary. Please, do not try to add or release tension by turning the slot. You will not achieve the desired result and could be injured when releasing an over-wound spring.

Replacing Old Shades - Measure old roller from tip-to-tip by placing a ruler or other straight, flat object against each end and measuring the distance between. Do not measure the cloth. Measure height from the top of the roller to the desired hem, this gives you the finished length. For other measuring instructions see page ___.

Dye Lott/Room Matching - Order all treatments for one area at the same time. Pattern availability and dye lot match between order cannot be assured.



Types of Measurement and Terminology

(Using the correct terminology ensures that your orders are processed correctly.)

CMOB (cloth measure outside brackets) - Refers to shade fabric. Shade cloth is approximately 1 1/4 inches narrower than bracket measure and is under when measuring for French doors shade or for outside installation, when cloth size is important
and bracket placement is not critical. Factory allowance is 1 1/4" for tip-to-tip. Remember that prices are based on tip-to-tip measure. Cloth measure is not suitable for inside mount.

OB/OBM (Outside bracket measure or bracket to bracket) - Refers to brackets placement only. Fabric will be 1 to 1 1/4" narrower. No factory allowance is taken.

IB/IBM (Inside bracket measure) Refers to actual opening and advises factory to make allowance for perfect fit. Shade fabric will be 1" narrower. Inside mount shade will have a light gap of approximately 5/8" on each side. Not recommended when complete room darkening is the objective and no side panels are being used. Factory allowance is -1/8" for tip-to-tip.

TTIB/TTOB (tip-to-tip) Indicates that you have made the necessary allowance or when measuring existing shades . Factory takes NO allowance.

FL (Finished Length) Indicates that you have already added tje 12" for the roll-up to the window length and the factory is not to add anything to the length. Finished length is the shade length not the window length. Roll-up is absolutely necessary for shades to operate properly.


Terms and Conditions

To place an order - We prefer that orders be faxed or e-mailed (or sent with your COM). (Call us for a form you can photocopy). Fill out the form as completely as possible. If you need assistance call us, we are happy to help. Include your phone and fax numbers and your e-mail address. We will contact you with any questions. Orders will not be placed in the work rotation until all information, fabric, trim, deposit (if required) is received. We will send you a confirmation by fax or e-mail when your order is ready to go into production. It will show all the factory specifications and an ESTIMATED date when your order will ship. If your records disagree with the confirmation please contact us immediately. We do not hold your order for your OK. It is in the production queue when you get the confirmation so if you have issues time is of the essence. We prefer that you not place phone orders. Phone orders will be repeated back to you and we will send you a written confirmation but the customer must accept all responsibility for phone orders.

Shipping and Delivery - All orders are shipped Fed-Ex Ground or Fed-Ex Home Delivery unless common carrier/truck freight

is required due to package dimensions. Cost of delivery will be added to your order.
Package Inspection - When your order is received please open and inspect it with 24 hours. Check for all components. Brackets and other hardware will be together at one end of the box. We are not perfect sometimes an item will be missing. We will ship any missing components immediately upon notification. We cannot accept responsibility when items are found to be missing at installation. Any express charges will be the responsibility of the customer. Under no circumstances can we accept responsibility for paying your installer for multiple trips.

Shipping Damage - Shipping damage is the responsibility of the carrier. Obviously damaged packages should be refused. We pack with all possible care, including corner reinforcements. Any shipping container which is bent will have resulting damage
to the contents, inspect it immediately (in front of the diver if possible). The customer is expected to inspect all orders within 24 hours of receipt. Notify both Fed-Ex and Window Covering Distributors of damaged goods. You must keep all packaging material from any damaged order for inspection by the carrier. WCD will file a claim. We insure all of our packages. Do not return damaged goods to WCD without prior authorization.

Payment - We accept business and personal check. Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Unless you have previously arranged terms your order will be proforma or COD (Proforma orders should have payment arranged prior to the estimated shipping date on your confirmation. Otherwise your order will be held until payment is received. It is advisable to discuss payment arrangements when placing your order.

Fabric Laminated Shades with Customer's Own Material (COM)

Shades laminated with COM add a whole new dimension to window dressing. They can be used alone, with matching valances, or in combination with side panels or top treatments to add privacy and/or light control. Our special features and trims in self or contrasting fabric add the ultimate designer touch.

Shady Ladies fabric laminated shades are fabricated first by pre-shrinking the material. This is done by machine washing and drying the fabric. It si then laminated to a vinyl coated fiberglass room darkening backing. Off-white and light filtering backings are available. Light filtering backing comes only in white and is limited to shades 23 square feet or less.

Fabric laminated shades which will not have a top treatment can be reverse rolled so that the backing does not show at the top. Reverse roll means that the fabric comes off the front of the roller. It creates a greater light gap that the standard regular roll. All fabrics will not reverse roll. On occasion, a fabric which otherwise laminates successfully will refuse to reverse roll.

Unfortunately we are unable to identify these fabrics in advance of lamination., therefore, we cannot accept responsibility when this occurs. Always have an alternate plan when ordering reverse roll shades.

Fabrics Suitable for Lamination

Silk is not suitable for lamination! Most cotton, polyester and blend fabrics are suitable for laminating. Inappropriate are: the afore mentioned silk; velvet; upholstery and other very thick, heavy or sheer fabrics; double layer fabrics; fabrics with loose strings on the back; fabrics with holes as part of the pattern. Some faux silks (polyester) will laminate satisfactorily and some will not. If you are concerned about the suitability of your fabric send us a cutting for inspection and/or testing (testing requires a 12 x 12 inch piece). Remember that fabric will be shrunk prior to lamination. We exercise every care in handling your fabric but we cannot be responsible for damage resulting from: laminating; fading; spidering; uneven shrinkage; pattern drift; other flaws and/or fabric imperfections. Fabrics which have been treated with fire retardant or other fabric protector may not laminate satisfactorily. Please, send us the amount of fabric we ask for, it is inconvenient for everyone when additional fabric has to be ordered. If we have to seam, piece or otherwise work around an inadequate amount of fabric a service charge will apply.
Stripes, plaids and some other fabrics require extra care and sometimes blocking, add $15 net to the price of these shades.

Ship fabric for COM orders to: Window Covering Distributors, 5225 Langford Park Drive Norcross, GA 30071.

Attach a piece of the COM to the order form, mark the right side and the direction. For protection of your fabric it should be rolled on a tube, encased in plastic and shipped in a box. We frequently receive fabric which has been damaged due to improper
packaging. Please don't send your fabric folded in a box. It is bad for the fabric and then we have to re-roll it. If you have fabric drop shipped to us please make sure it is side marked with your company name and customer's name. Fax or email a copy of the order at the time you order the fabric showing the fabric company name and a description of the fabric.

Fabric Requirements - To calculate the amount of COM for a laminated shade add 4inches to the width and 24 inches to the window length for each cut. This does not allow for pattern repeats. Shades wider than the fabric must be spliced and require two cuts. Add one pattern repeat per cut. Splices are placed equal distance from each edge (two splices per shade, we cannot seam in the middle). We match the pattern at seams and from shade to shade on any one order. Some prints are difficult to match e.g., vertical stripes, so consider this when choosing fabric for wide shades.